Our products provide a comprehensive guide of Southern California waters and are intended to help the private boater get off the beaten path, catch fish, and explore.


Cold winter nights hooping bugs at San Diego Bay? Check. Slinging surface iron into the boilers at SCI for monster calicos? You bet. Chasing mixed bluefin and yellowfin out west late in the offshore season? Copy that.

We’ve been there. That’s what makes Graylight Media products stand out from the rest. We build each map because we’re going to use it, and it shows in the details.




Why do I need a paper map…I already have electronics on the boat?


Six good reasons for a fishing map:

  • Find new fishing spots

    Get the coordinates of any fishy-looking feature on the map with the calibrated GPS grid, located on the border of each map. You can then plug the coordinates into your chart plotter to take you to the general spot. Use your fishfinder to hone in on the structure.
  • Extend your range

    Follow the bite, all over the Bight. Ever dream of venturing outside your local waters? We supply all the information you need for a successful boating, diving or fishing trip anywhere in the So Cal Bight, so you don’t need to be the local expert. Venture out to the 43 Fathom Spot for bluefin or finally check out Catalina for seabass. How’s the rockfishing all the way out at San Nic? No excuse now, with our maps you know where to go. And where not to.
  • Knowledge breeds efficiency

    It’s no secret, the more intel you have while on the water, the better you’re going to do. And when the bites on, the name of the game in Southern California sportfishing is efficiency. We supply the information you need at a glance, so you can concentrate on catching more fish.
  • See the big picture

    Zoom out, pan, zoom in, pan, zoom. I don’t know about you, but I hate using my electronics unless my screen is zoomed in on the boat, or zoomed way out to get a bearing on my next destination. Our maps make looking for that next spot a lot easier, because everything’s available at a glance, always oriented north up and at a scale easy to use.
  • More options = more opportunity

    With internet fame just a click away, you might need to find your next hot spot off the beaten path. Our maps have high-res bottom contours that blow the doors off the map on my own chartplotter. I’ll bet yours too. Plus, we’ve got hard bottom & kelp data literally on the map. I wish my chartplotter had that. So, when your hot bite gets blown up on the ‘net, you’ve got a head start on finding your next fishing spot.
  • Back-up plan

    Savvy ocean boaters know, moving parts break and electronics eventually fail. Are you prepared for an unexpected equipment breakdown while on the water? We build our products to be as saltwater-friendly as possible, so our maps will still function even when your electronics don’t.

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