So Cal Bight Offshore Poster


So Cal Bight Offshore Poster

  • Large poster 33.5″ x 24″
  • Printed on heavy photo paper
  • Made in USA


So Cal Bight Offshore Poster

We got a lot of requests for a poster-size version of our popular So Cal Bight Offshore title and we delivered with a large 33.5″ x 24″ version printed on heavy photo paper.

Available exclusively on, this poster ships in a cardboard tube and is ready to be framed in the living room or laminated onto the salon table of your sportfisher. Picture frame not included!

Over 50 Popular Offshore Fishing Spots

The So Cal Bight Offshore Poster is current for 2023 and includes our 3D shaded relief rendering of the ocean floor overlaid with: popular offshore fishing spots, the 50 fathom groundfish boundary line, naval restrictions at San Clemente Island and San Nicolas Island, Marine Reserve boundaries, GPS locations of the 40 fathom bottom fishing restriction in the Cowcod Conservation Areas, weather buoy locations, as well as GPS coordinates for the harbor approach buoy of every port from Marina Del Rey to Oceanside.

GPS numbers listed for over 50 popular offshore fishing spots accessible from Los Angeles and Orange County harbors, including: Footprint Reef, the Boot, the 270, Hidden Reef, Short Bank, Piggy Bank, Pilgrim Bank, Kidney Bank, The Snail, Osborn Bank, Far West Bank, Potato Bank, Nidever Bank, Cherry Bank, Tanner Bank, the 711, The Nipple, the 381, the 86, the 81, San Clemente Canyon, Mackerel Bank, Farnsworth Bank, the 125, The Slide, Avalon Bank, the 289, 14 Mile Bank, the 267/279, the 209, 181, 182, The Corner, 43 Fathom Spot, the Upper 9 Mile Bank, the La Jolla Canyon Weather Buoy and much more!

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Weight 0.3125 lbs
Dimensions 33.5 × 24 × 0.1 in

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