• Bluefin tuna and boater's guide


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We supply all the information you need for a successful fishing or diving trip anywhere in the So Cal Bight and lay it out in a format that’s easy to use.


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Map Features


Incredibly detailed view of the ocean floor with a GPS grid overlay

GPS coordinates of all the popular fishing and dive spots

Simplified and CDFW-approved MLPA regulation summaries & GPS boundaries

Boating regulations like 5 mph zones, mooring areas and anchorages

Fish-holding habitat like rocky reefs and kelp beds

Boating facilities like boat ramps, fuel docks, pump-out stations and bait barges


Built for the conditions


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Our maps are made to be used on an open skiff, with little protection from ocean wind and spray.  That means they have to be sturdy, stow-able and waterproof.

So, we laminated each page and bound them all together with a plastic coil that won’t rust.

Problem solved.


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